About Us

Founded in 1986, L.A. Bruell, Inc. (LAB) creates documentary, interactive, and educational programs with a special emphasis on art and medicine. We are producers, writers, visual artists, and programmers creating work for multiple platforms, including public television, cable, web, portable media, and live events. Let us tell your story.

Who We Are

people_lucy_tn    Lucy Bruell, President, Director / Producer lucy@labruell.com

Lucy's experience in producing and directing covers a wide range of programming. Before forming LAB, Lucy was a Reporter/Producer for Newsweek Television, Director/Producer for news and sports broadcasts at KTSF-TV, San Francisco, and Producer for interactive programs at Lancit Media in New York. Her video work has been exhibited in the San Francisco Museum of Art. Speaking with Music, Beyond the Practice Room, and On a Personal Note, her documentaries on young classical musicians, were broadcast on public television stations nationwide.

Lucy graduated from the University of California in Berkeley with a BA in Psychology and received a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University where she later taught as an adjunct faculty member. She is an Instructor in the Division of Medical Humanities at NYU School of Medicine where she facilitates a weekly seminar on humanism in medicine. She is also Editor-in-Chief of NYU's Literature, Arts and Medicine Database, a repository of 3000+ annotations on works of art and literature that deal with medicine and the human condition.

Lucy is also the Principal Investigator and Project Director for Stop, Look, Listen (intro), LAB's NIH-funded educational tool for pediatricians.

people_ned_tn    Ned Putnam, Medical Education Writer ned@labruell.com

Ned draws upon more than 30 years experience in the healthcare industry to write and produce medical education programs covering a diverse range of topics including HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, pediatric mental health, and influenza. Ned is a former Executive Vice President and Client Service Director at Sudler & Hennessey. Ned earned a BA in Biology from Ithaca College and an MS in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Vermont School of Medicine where he was a NASA fellowship recipient. After obtaining his graduate degree, he conducted research for the Department of Medicine on the effects of cigarette smoke on the bacterial clearing capacity of the alveolar macrophage. His interest in writing medical research papers inspired him to pursue a career in healthcare.

people_evan_tn    Evan Sholle, Project Manager evan@labruell.com

Evan is LAB's project manager and associate editor. A graduate of Columbia University with a BA in Middle East, South Asian, and African Studies, Evan has been published in Westchester Parent and ForeWord Magazine, and has blogged on Buddhism for Tricycle Magazine. As a research assistant in Columbia's Intergroup Relations and Diversity Lab, he has worked on projects relating to stereotype threat and stigma, and as a grantwriter he has worked on projects dealing with autism and other neurobiological conditions. His professional interests include the use of technology to further communication and collaboration across cultural, professional, and interpersonal divides.

people_nancy    Nancy Novick, Writer nancy@labruell.com

Nancy has been writing about health and medicine for more than 25 years. Her clients include some of the largest hospitals in New York and a number of top advertising agencies. She studied English literature at the University of Pennsylvania (BA) and Columbia University (MA) and has a special interest in the intersection between medicine and literature. Nancy feels strongly about the importance of expanding access to high quality, affordable healthcare and has served as a volunteer for the Medical Rights Center, an advocacy group for older Americans dealing with insurance issues. She is also an adjunct instructor in copywriting at Kean University in Union, NJ, and is the arts editor for an online magazine serving the Upper West Side.

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What We Do

Interactive Media

We specialize in interactive online media, including our educational project Stop, Look, Listen (trailer), as well as multiple online projects including websites and live webcasts. Check our portfolio to see some of our interactive work.

Moving Image

Live action? Complex animation? Fiction? Nonfiction? We've got you covered, on any platform. We produce professional-quality video tailored to your needs and are available for post-production services.

Medical Education

We specialize in producing media that speaks to doctors in their own language. From CME and MOA animations to live webcasts and field reports, we have the knowledge and experience to do it right.

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Content Development

We start with the story. We immerse ourselves in our subjects, conducting research, interviews, developing outlines, treatments, scripts and manuscripts which we weave into a visual design. We tailor our content for each platform to produce integrated campaigns best suited to our subjects.


There’s more than one way to tell the story. Some of our projects are created in multiple formats. Feelings Need Check Ups Too, an interactive resource, includes a web component, a printed tool kit, and posters, all designed and produced by our team. The Influenza Management Toolkit includes printed information about influenza, prevention checklists, and DVDs of case studies highlighting facilities that successfully contained outbreak.


Our documentaries, Beyond the Practice Room and Speaking with Music, have each aired on more than eighty public television stations nationwide. We have also produced On a Personal Note, which explores how the personality and personal interpretation of each pianist colors a work of classical music. We have also produced many short documentaries.


Our portfolio demonstrates our ability to communicate complex subjects clearly, creatively, and succinctly. We understand the regulatory environment, and we have partnered with academia to produce continuing medical education programs. We have also created many programs for healthcare professionals, patients and their families, and health organizations. One of our more recent programs was a series of training videos for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Social Commitment

Many of our programs are created for non-profit organizations and have been successfully used to raise funds and awareness of their missions. We have been particularly fortunate to work with institutions that foster children's causes, including the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, The Hasbro Children’s Foundation, and the NYU Cancer Institute. Our work with these institutions can be found in our portfolio.

Video/Multimedia Production

With the skills of an agency, but the responsiveness and personal attention of a small business, we are a professional team of directors, writers, and producers who will collaborate with you to realize your communication needs and objectives. We produce for broadcast, web, DVD, MOA animations, business presentations and live events, including webcasting.

Web & Interactive Development

Web development is an integral component of many of our programs, and part of the services that we provide to our clients. We have also created many interactive multimedia programs for continuing medical education, patient directed programs, branded professional education, and speaker support. The majority of these programs are distributed on the web and portable media.

What's New


Keep an eye out for Keeping Reflection Fresh: Top Educators Share Their Innovations in Health Professional Education. Coming in early 2015, the book will highlight a broad array of representative methods, processes and themes associated with introducing learners to the benefits of reflexivity and reflection as they become health professionals. Lucy co-wrote an essay on the Humanistic Aspects of Medical Education seminars at NYU School of Medicine that will be featured in the book.


Our presentation of Stop, Look, Listen at the AAMC conference was a resounding success. As we move towards the launch of SLL, we are always eager to touch base with medical educators and pediatric clinicians about this important project, and the conference was a great opportunity to do so.


We're delighted to announce that we will be presenting our educational project Stop, Look, Listen (intro) at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Medical Colleges. The 2014 AAMC meeting will be held in Chicago, IL in November 2014 and will feature multiple sessions designed to offer medical educators carefully curated content addressing up-and-coming issues and innovations in the field. For more information about the meeting, check out the AAMC conference website.


Dr. Randi Diamond and Lucy Bruell recently had the opportunity to present footage from LAB's Digital Case Studies in Palliative Care program at the 2014 Annual Conference of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. This exciting project features documentary footage of real palliative care teams interacting with patients and caregivers. Stay tuned for more - those with journal access can also read more here.